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      A cross breed between Hip-hop and Rock, CHXSR is a Trap Metal Artist.  With the release of the first single, Total Recluse, 2019 is on! Inspired at an early age by rock music, CHXSR would spend many nights in his room listening to music, studying, and visualizing one day joining the ranks of his favorite bands.  Growing up listening to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Korn, Godsmack, Disturbed, and many more, CHXSR has always had a special place for rock and metal.  

     High School years brought on a new love for music, this time, Hip-hop.  Some of CHXSR's earliest influences were Bone Thugs, DMX, Lil Wayne (500 Degreez), BG, and Eminem to name a few.  Transitioning from writing rock songs to raps, CHXSR also started learning to produce beats.  Midway through high school, CHXSR and his family relocated to Florida.  It was during this time, he was introduced to his now good friend and brother, BRANDM. After graduating High School, CHXSR and BRANDM formed a Hip-hop group, Local BoyZ, in Fort Myers, FL.  

     Not only writing lyrics, the Local BoyZ were a production duo and produced all their music, as well as for other artists across the country.  As in life, we all go through changes, and Local BoyZ went from being artists, to being more focused on production.  Eventually taking a few years off, CHXSR and BRANDM connected once again, creating new music.  Originally releasing music under the 'Chacin'HitZ' name, which was CHXSR's nickname as a producer, CHXSR released a five track EP, Dreams Become Nightmare.   

     During the filming of the music video for the Dreams Become Nightmare EP for the song 'So Numb.', CHXSR was able to connect with a longtime friend, All Hail YT, who also directed the video.  While listening to new music in the studio, they began discussing the vision and the ultimate goal after the Dreams Become Nightmare EP.  Interested in combining his hip-hop background with his rock and metal roots, All Hail YT introduced Brian Spencer to CHXSR, who produced Total Recluse.  Where did the name CHXSR originate from?  While discussing the vision, Chacin'HitZ was the name from CHXSR's producer days, and really didn't fit the vision forward.  Originally known as Chacin’HitZ, it’s a play on CHXSR's name, Chase, and the desire to create hits in the industry.  There was also the mindset of, when you're having a drink, like a shot... you may have a chaser to enhance the experience.  CHXSR has always looked at music as the chaser to life, making life better.  There you go, CHXSR (pronounced CHASER) was born!  

     Chacin'HitZ hasn't fully disappeared, as this is now the name of the Indie Label started by CHXSR.  There is a lot of new music on the way, and a lot planned for 2019!  More coming soon, so stay tuned!  Follow CHXSR at the social media links above.  You can also listen to CHXSR's music on all major platforms!  Add CHXSR as a favorite artist!  Much love! 

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